Saturday, 19 May 2012


(I put the above quote, because I think I need to remind myself of this.  And maybe, just maybe, you need to as well.)

Right now, it is impossible to sleep.  A couple of members of the PP have taken the suggestion of "It's nice to share" literally, and so I'm battling a nasty cold.  Even lying down causes my eyeballs to feel like they're sinking, and the pounding of my head is far from pleasant.  I tried steaming myself in a hot bath like a giant cabbage, and while in there I thought about how my blog is starving.  Hence, here I am.

Now, it's not like we haven't been busy.  Indeed, our family can now add "have driven across Australia" to our life resumes.  What an adventure! We loaded up the PP and Flynnpuppy, and took five days each way from WA to the ACT.  On the way there we stopped overnight at Esperance, Eucla, Melrose and Mildura.  On the way back it was Mildura, Kimba, Eucla and Esperance.  Now, i have misplaced my camera with all of the glorious photos so you'll have to make do with a list of my highlights:

  • The wildlife- emus, eagles, a snake, feral cats.  Do you know that we didn't see one live kangaroo?
  • Esperance Animal Farm.  You MUST visit there! Perfect hospitality, and the PP loved seeing the animals and feeding the baby lambs.
  • Eucla.  Hmmm.  On our way back we left there at 4am just to escape!
  • The Nullabor.  We did it! 
  • Head of Bight.  Absolutelyfreaking amazing!

The PP were almost perfect! Only Princess Mini-M carried on like a pork chop at times, but then she is an avid car hating baby.  The trip was made for her Christening, so she should have appreciated our efforts a tad more!

Anyway, when we got back Mr J had surgery (he is recovering fine!).  It's been nice to have him home, even though we've mostly been homebodies.  I've felt a bit blue since we got back.  I love Perth and its lifestyle, but I'm really missing my family and friends back East.  I miss the people who just 'get me', who know everything about me and love me anyway.  I feel lonely here at times, like I don't belong.  But nowhere really feels like home anymore.  Everything is a bit mundane as well.  Mr J and I were able to go and watch a movie when we were in Canberra, it was like heaven!  We don't ever get to do anything like that anymore, I miss it.  I love the PP more than life itself, but I miss me sometimes too.

Now instead of signing off on that downer, I will share something else a little special.

Excuse the shoddy photo, but this is the newest (and last, for a while) member of our family.  This little poppet is Jedaro Sweet Avalon, or 'Elsie' for short.  She is a blue torti bicolour persian baby, and I love her so much.  She came from the lovely Linda at Jedaro Persians in Victoria, and is a true testament to an ethical and loving breeder.  I honestly have never met such a laidback, placid cat in my life.  She's a little snugglebunny, and Eden and Suki have accepted their new furry sister into their home as well, so it's perfect!  Once I sort out registration with the FCCWA, she will be appearing on the showbench which is a bit exciting.  The PP, especially Miss Georgie, are quite smitten with her.

Anywho, I think I have fed the PP blog enough for now so I shall call it a night.  I have more I want to write, but I will leave that until tomorrow.

Sweet dreams.