Saturday, 28 January 2012

To market, to market!

I love markets. A lot!  Whether they are trash and treasure, car boot, or filled with stall upon stall of handmade goodies, I can spend hours at them.  It's funny what you come across, some things you shake your head at while with others you wish you had a couple of hundred dollars in order to bring something exquisite into your home.

Today my dear friend T-Dawg (haha), myself and the long suffering Mr K and Mr J, as well as both of our PPs left our houses at 7am in order to hit three various markets around Perth.  The first adventure was driving around to their house, and finding someone's car in the middle of the road! Handbrakes are wonderful things, cars sitting stationary in the road... not so much.  Knocking on their door yielded no results, so our big strong husbands pushed it back onto the lawn and I left a note on the door. Being so excited about heading to the markets, I even left a smileyface on the piece of paper. :)

Good deed for the day done, we headed off.  Mrs T is a market fiend too, we're a match made in heaven!  Things I found, that I would have loved to have brought home (Mr J is a lot more restrained than me!):

- A spinning wheel.  It was made of awesome!  Even Miss Delaney stroked it lovingly, as it was all Sleeping Beautyesque. 

- Antique pram.  So pretty, and girly!

- A military ammunition box.  As well as a huge mounted sword.  For Mr J.  He said that he's been spoilt enough lately with things, so he wouldn't even let me get prices! Spoilsport.

- Lots of paintings. Om nom nom!

There was plenty more, but we spent a minimal amount and came away happy!

My quirky kitty.  A lady was selling hand carved animals, so Mr J bought me one!

The girls all got a handknitted teddy.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am addicted to handmade.  Plus the proceeds from the sale of these teddies was going to The Heart Foundation.  Happy girls, happy hearts! Win, win all round.

I have been trying to find a mini wicker chair for Molly's room, for what feels like forever. Expensive on ebay, gumtree yielded nothing.  Spotted this, Mr J haggled, happy Mish!

Miss Georgia utilising my find!  Just needs a pretty cushion, which I will eventually get around to making.

Mr J's precious dipping sauce.  It's full of masculinity.  He also came away with some smoked jalapeno chilli powder.  I need to get some for the parentals!

We also picked up a bowl for the ratties, perfect size and unable to be tipped over.  So every one came away with something.  Well, almost everyone! Three members of our family seemed to be hopeful, sorry guys!

Not sure when we will be forgiven, but the PP are more than happy!

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