Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I heard your heart say love, love, love....

Yesterday was the day.  The day where singles staunchly declare that they're happy being unattached, and where couples try to outdo each other in the gift and romance stakes.  My facebook was flooded with pictures of roses and status updates of love or loathing, of date nights or partners in trouble!  You know what I think was the best part?

Clicking on the Google logo.  How cute was that little animation?!!!

Mr J and I rarely celebrate Valentines Day.  Our anniversary is in April, and we would rather celebrate that than a commercial day.  This Valentines Day was spent with Mr J at work, and myself cleaning up after the youngest princess who is going for a world record in destroying sheets and doona covers as she attempts to defeat whatever virus is holding her little body hostage.  Yeah, nothing much romantic about that!

So it has got me wondering what is so popular about this one day that either breeds brownie points, or resentment?  Is modern-day romance so far gone that we need a day dedicated to reminding us that we love someone? Has the knight in shining armour who would fight for his fair lady been replaced by the Sensitive New Age Guy (S.N.A.G.) who has forgotten the simple gesture of opening the door for his partner?  Do both men and women rely on this one day every twelve months to make up for the other 364 days a year where they take their relationship for granted?  What about those who are single?  Yes, there are plenty of people who are happy flying solo, but what about those who are newly single, newly widowed, or lonely?  Where's THEIR day?

How about everyone just tries to show their partners how much they mean apart from on the 14th of February?  Spare a thought for those who are alone, and let's not turn it into a competition about sizes of bouquets or expensive dinners.  Trust me, the only ones who are impressed are the companies who are amazed at how much their profits soar in February!

It's the little gestures that mean the most.  Seriously.  Get out there and try some Random Acts of Romance, your partner will love you for it!

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  1. You know what, I think people get so wrapped up in the day to day rat race that celebrations like Valentines day become an excuse to take a break from it all and publicly declare your love. I think it gives people hope and it restores faith in the simple act of doting on your partner.
    We don't celebrate it either, the prices go up for anything you do want to do anyway which just angers me.