Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tiny ramblings

Hellooo followers and nosey people!  How are you on this fine Summer day?!

It's been a pretty uneventful week in the kingdom, save two sick princesses (Maddison and Georgia) and a king who escaped the walls for a day of duty (work schmerk!).  Although, I am very proud of myself! My laptop has been overheating, and switching itself off randomly.  So last night under the supervision and guidance of Mr J, I pulled it apart, dusted off the inside and cleaned out the fan, and put it back together again! Magic! Except for the fact that a toddler sat on the screen, and snapped the hinge doovalacky!  I guess the life of a foldable, portable computer is fraught with perils.  I emailed my dad (IT guru dude), expecting him to be all "Omg IT skills must be fully genetic, you have mad skills!" But instead I got, "Does it still work?!" Ye of little faith indeed! Yes it does still work, albeit with a screen that's hanging on by a thread.  But I am writing this entry on it.  So ner!

Otherwise, not much else has been happening.  I'm contemplating whether Mr J and I want to take the PP for their Santa photos this weekend.  It scares me.  I think all the Stranger Danger education has paid off, but at what cost?! The loss of our annual photo? Anyway, we shall take the risk and hopefully I can report back that we were successful in obtaining a photo that can be displayed both by us and their proud grandparents.

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