Friday, 16 December 2011

What's important?

Life is too short to worry about the texta marks on the walls.  Sure, scrub them off.  But they were drawn in excitement by a child discovering the wonders of their hand motions whilst grasping a pen or crayon.

Life is too short to mourn the lack of sleep that parenthood brings.  Yes, it is painful.  But every second you hold your child is a blessing, even if it is at 3am in the morning.

Life is too short to regret the past.  To regret mistakes.  To wonder if you're travelling the right path.  As long as you live life to its fullest, and are content.

You might be wondering what lead to this entry.

Last night, sweet Stella decided she was too tired to keep fighting.  She slipped away peacefully.  I can't imagine the pain that her parents are going through.  I can't say that I understand.

What I can say is that Stella has taught me to never take for granted what I have.  When Molly wakes me up at night, it's okay.  Because I can hold her close, hold her in my arms and kiss her cheeks and rock her until she falls back asleep.

When Georgia shares our bed, it's okay.  Because she feels safe when she has a hand resting on me, and as her mama I want her to feel protected from whatever life has in store for her.

When Delaney is cranky, it's okay.  Because she has a voice, and feelings.  She wants to be heard, and understood.  As her mama, right now, I understand her the best.

When Maddison sings loudly, oh so loudly, it's okay.  Because singing makes her happy.  All I want is for my princesses to feel joy in their hearts.

It is all okay.  Because Mr J and I are so blessed.  Life is so fragile, so quick, and you don't ever know what the future will bring.  Tonight as I cry for Stella, for her parents and her brother, I am reminded of how much these little people love us, as much as we love them.  They truly steal your heart, your life, and your sanity.

But you wouldn't have it any other way.  

Hold your loved ones close, and blow a kiss to the heavens for Stella.

(Donations to the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation can be made here. )


  1. Gosh you make me cry woman, so beautifully written and true. I was only talking to hubby about this tonight. Life's too short and we are blessed.

  2. Darling McTwinnie, you are such a gifted writer and your thoughts for a beautiful little star will go out to the heavens. Your Princess Posse are blessed with a platinum parent...and as a result are no doubt goddesses in training. K.