Saturday, 3 December 2011

Attempting to catch up

Sorry, I've been slack.  I had my darling Mum staying with us for a few days, and thus TPP was neglected.  I will try catch you up on our shennanigans while the three big princesses are colouring in, and the smallest is pretending to sleep.

As I said above, my Mum visited for a couple of days after she finished her work commitments.  This lead to a hobble around the city on my broken foot, and Mum standing in line in excitement at the Nespresso bar to buy pods.  I couldn't believe the line of people waiting to purchase varying flavours of caffeine goodness! I must be missing something by not being a coffee indulger.

Otherwise, it's been life as usual here in the kingdom of pink.  As Christmas draws closer, I'm asked repeatedly by Delaney if Santa is coming tonight.  We saw Santa at the local shops today, where Delaney climbed the stage when she saw the big bowl of sugary bribery.  She gained confidence and even told Santa what she wanted for Christmas.  I casually leaned in so I could get some sort of idea, however Delaney proceeded to tell Santa that she wanted "Something awesome" in her stocking.  That was it. Something awesome?! Way to help your parents out Laney!  When it came time for Georgia's turn, she nodded when Santa asked if she'd been a good girl, and when asked what she wanted, replied "Da!" Translations would be appreciated.

Maddison won the monthly Literacy Award at school, and came away with a big certificate and a book.  I'm very proud of my big girl!  Not so proud of Molly, whose current mission in life is to render her mama into a barely functioning zombie.  Attempts to resettle her during the night are met with protests, smiles, babbling, and limb flailing.  As you do.  I've tried offering her free to good home, but people have the smarts!

It might be time to join the Nespresso conga line.

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