Sunday, 11 December 2011

Oh Christmas Tree....

What a fun Saturday we had!

Yesterday morning was spent taking the PP for their Santa photo, which was a success (as you can see)! Woot!   Then due to our old Christmas tree running away, we trekked through KMart and Target to try find another one.  KMart were all sold out, Target had a few ridiculously priced ones left.  So we drove down to Bunnings to see if they had any real ones, where they tried to sell us something called a 'Woollybush.'

"I'm in your garden, pretending to be a Christmas tree!"

No thanks.  We arrived home deflated, after Mr J repeatedly informing me that I'd waited too long, blah blah blah.  A call to BigW revealed they had some left, so we started the drive to Cockburn [insert Mr J giggling like a schoolgirl here, even though it's pronounced COE-burn].

After taking the wrong exit and an encounter with a stowaway wasp, a "REAL XMAS TREES" sign caught my eye.  So, after a split second decision, we veered away from our destination and followed the signs all the way to a Christmas tree farm.  It was quite busy, and we realised how unprepared we were for a real tree when we took note of the utes and trailers, and roof racks.  But, it doesn't hurt to look right?!

We were greeted by some lovely people, who gave us a cart and a saw, and we started traipsing through the trees.  Delaney decided the ones on the edge weren't quite what we were looking for, so we ended up the middle of the field.  Finally, we saw it.  A beautiful tree, calling out to us! We circled it several times, decided this was 'the one', and Mr J proceeded to cut it down.  Then we loaded it onto our cart, and proudly dragged it away to be paid for.  Mr J had convinced me that it would fit in the boot of the car...... we drove home with about a quarter of it hanging out of the boot, and the boot tied down with an old jumper.  Classy!

Anyway, we now have our Christmas tree! It's perfect, and the kingdom smells like Christmas!

Mr J making sure it's all purdyful!

Our carnivalesque (aka gaudy) tree! (angelhair has since been removed, noooo!)

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